Thursday, 18 July 2013


Well! My first Post! Welcome to any who are reading this or perusing! My Grammar is wanting, so please forgive any editorial Lapses!

A little about myself. I am ADHD. This means, I have MANY various interests, and hyper focus on any one thing for brief periods of time. I would like to think this gives me a little bit of the romantic 'renaissance man' thing going on. Drives my wife crazy. But hey! I get lots done.

Currently I am living in the BC Gulf Islands, on a little tiny one! I am building myriad structures and timbering to make lumber for said structures. I am also involved with carving stone steps down a cliff to a beach, so stay tuned for that!
I am a musician, playing lots of things, and a magician. I am also a medieval re-enactor, and also carve and build out of wood.

I like board I may do a few cool reviews of great games to play, and I love Apple products.

I read, so reviews may pop up, and perhaps some of my travel stories as well.

I muse. A lot. My brain doesn't shut off, so I may be ranting a bit here. So what? It's therapeutic...right? Right? The rants may stem from Government problems, to GMO's or may even be spiritual. Hey! It's my Blog! Feel free to comment.

I will try to post lots of pics, and try not to break any laws. enjoy!

A table I am building

An Air plane Hangar I built. very proud of the Timber work mezzanine.

A temporary Shelter on the work under.

A garden paradise I am trying to build here. I may have some posts about the lovely thing MOSS can do!

A cute shed for tools.

Some nice dried maple to Build Live Edge Tables with. See pic 1

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